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Customer Comments
"I ordered 3 soap loaves: “Perfect Pumpkin”, “Men’s Intuition”, and “Drakkar Noir”.

Got the soap loaves today, and wow do they smell wonderful! I was concerned about shipping due to the Texas heat but they came very well wrapped and protected just like Debbie told me. She went through the process on how its shipped and the package came through like a charm!

My first time ordering from Bathhouse soaps but won’t be my last! Will forage deeper in the many types of these wonderful soaps to buy in the future."
Fred from Texas, August, 2016

First of all.. I love your products.. and will continue to order from you!!
I love the fact that the Glycerin soaps last so long over any other type
of soap!! especially with the OCD hand washers in my family..LOL
All the fragrances are so lovely.. each and every bar.. I wish I could buythem all....
Thank you for making such a great product... love American made!!!
PS You also pack everything wonderfully.. and I can tell you take pride
in the shipment!!
Nancy M.

"The owner goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. She was in the area and even offered to deliver my product. I went to a bridal shower and the soap was given out for gifts to the guest. I fell in live with them immediately. I had to buy a couple for each secretary in my department as gifts too. I know they will love them as much as me." - Sherry R.

"I love Bath House Soaps! As a person who is always struggling with my weight, I have learned that surrounding myself with pleasant smells seems to satisfy me in much the same way that eating does -- but with less damage to my figure. As a consequence, I order Bath House Soaps in groups of a dozen bars or so ... and now I'm ordering the new scented lotions too, and they are such a treat. I love the care that goes into making them, the care with which they are packed. I even love the emailed newsletters. I'm so grateful to my brother and sister-in-law in Ohio who introduced me to this product -- we love you here in Albuquerque, New Mexico!" - Lenann

"The soap smells so good, I could eat it!" - Emma, age 7

"The soap is very moisturizing, with refreshing scents - perfect for the cold winters in northwest Ohio. Bath House Soaps make great gifts, especially for those who are hard to shop for. The variety and special products during the different seasons makes it a gift that keeps on giving." - Jolene

"Bath House Soaps really do make you smile! Whenever I buy more I have an awful time trying to decide which ones to get. I haven't been disappointed in any that I have tried. They leave your skin feeling soft and not all dried out like a lot of soaps do and they smell SO good! It’s fun to start the day with a smile!"

"I love the Bath House Soaps Hand Cream! In the winter my hands get so dry that when I pick up clothing my hands snag against it. Since starting to use the Bath House Hand Cream my hands haven’t snagged a thing! My hands and fingers feel very soft. It soaks in fairly quickly once you put it on and just keeps the hands soft without that lingering sticky-wet feeling. It has also stopped the dry skin itch on my arms this winter. I would recommend it to anyone! It keeps the smile from the soaps going and going….." - Janet

"I just want to thank you again for doing such a great job on the soaps for our daughters wedding shower. They were a big hit! Our daughter and her friends loved them! I did pass out your business cards. I hope I can help spread the word about your great products."..... -Kim

"I used Bath House Soaps as shower favors for two different baby showers I hosted this year and the soaps were a big hit. The first shower was for a girl so I ordered butterfly shaped soaps and the second shower was for a boy so I ordered jungle animal shaped soaps. Each set of soaps were VERY cute, smelled great, and were very affordable considering I had to purchase 75 for the first shower and 90 for the second shower. Of the scents I chose Apple Pie with Shea Butter and Baby Powder with Shea Butter.
Apple Pie is my favorite!!!"..... - Gladina

"I have to say I love your soap. I have only bought home made soap from 3 people and I just have to say yours is the best. Everyone that I have shared the Shea Butter / Goats Milk unsented with just love it. And the last order had orange and cloves I think in it. OH that was a wonderful sent."

Once again: Great Deals, Great Prices, Great Service and GREAT PRODUCTS
Cyndi G.

My hands were killing me! They were all dry and chapped. A friend let me try some of your Eucalyptus / Spearmint lotion. I had instant relief! They are much better today. Your product really works. I am sold! I will make certain that my wife and daughters are aware of your products.

Thank you,
Bob K.

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