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With Moisturizing Glycerin Soap

Bath House Soaps are treasures of handcrafted designs.

Every handmade bar is a generous 5 3/4 - 6+ ounces, unique and affordable.

You owe it to yourself to soothe and moisturize your skin with the rich

lather of glycerin soap. Whether your eye catches the beauty of the

soap first, or your nose says "Ooooh, whats that wonderful smell"?

You will be happy to have a bar of soap that is a .... "Dessert for the Senses"

Scent of the Month
Just For Thanksgiving - Apple Pie!

$3.95 A Bar All Month Long

Apple Pie

Guava Fig/Rice Flower Cucumber Melon Rainbow Water Lily & Jasmine w/Shea Butter
$5.00 Per Bar
$5.00 Per Bar

$5.00 Per Bar
Soul-soothing in Coconut Milk
Succulent Combination
Sandalwood - Glycerin Soap w/Goat Milk Coffee Mocha Olive Oil and Aloe - Glycerin Soap
$5.00 Per Bar

$5.00 Per Bar

$5.00 Per Bar

Sandalwood - Glycerin Soap Coffee Mocha Glycerin Soap Olive Oil & Aloe - Glycerin Soap
Deep, rich, woodsy. True sandalwood. It's a coffee house treat! This wonderful soap is fragranced with ginger and bergamot.
Cool Water Candy Corn Vanilla Verbena/Butterscotch
$5.00 Per Bar
$5.00 Per Bar

$5.00 Per Bar
Candy Corn Glycerin Soap
Blend of Sophistication
Who opened the bag of candy corn? Remarkably Yummy
Sugar Scrub - 8 ounce Perfect Pumpkin Glycerin Soap Ocean Mist - w/Shea Butter
$8.50 :
$5.00 Per Bar

$5.00 Per Bar

Pumpkin Glycerin Soap Ocean Mist |Glycerin Soap
Touchable Softness
Rich and Spicey A Best Seller!

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